I like food
I've always liked food
I like to eat it - I love to cook it 
and share it with my friends.
It arouses all my senses and heals my wounds
It is comfort, warmth, nurture - it makes me smile
It wraps, protects, cares, loves.... 

I love food
delicious scrumptious succulent tasty
luscious gorgeous sensual exciting
erotic fleshy chunky greasy  
heavy fatty bulky disgusting
I hate food

Hilly's 2007 work, Eating Disorder was an ironic look at the relationship between food and body image in our society. Having struggled with her own body image all her life, she decided to come out of the closet and into the kitchen! Here, sensuality and an ambiguous eroticism are played out at the dinner table!

Hilly's models are dressed up, have their photos taken and are then mercilessly eaten!

In June 2007 'Eating Disorder' was shown at Heart as part of the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, where it caused quite a stir, was noticed by the right person and Hilly was offered a solo exhibition in the Photography Gallery at Dean Clough Arts Centre in November that year. The preview afternoon was buzzing and sparked off much discussion amongst the guests about photography, food, diet and even sex! In fact the work is as much about sculpture as photography. It is only the temporary nature of food that made it necessary to take a photograph of each piece and It was with great delight that, after each photoshoot, Hilly prepared and cooked the article in question for the next family meal!

In the summer of 2008, following a private viewing, artist's talk and workshop evening, Eating Disorder was exhibited at The Bossanyi Studio in NW London. It was a fabulous evening with everyone joining in and making their own works of art out of a selection of delicious fruit and veg! For a report on the workshop evening and to see a gallery of its creative results click here.

A note from Brenda, one of the participants....

"At break time this morning, I described to my English colleagues what Saturday evening was like. The photographs, the workshop, the weirdly shaped vegetables, the display of work, the encouragement to talk to the audience about what you created, and the talk by Hilly about her inspiration and work patterns. They were all curious about the studio and how it came about so I offered that story as well. Well, talk about a great response! They were completely fascinated by the whole thing. I also told them that I thought, as someone who deals in metaphors easily, that I would discover a latent talent for artistic creation. But proved to be sadly lacking in any kind of ability to create anything at all.

It was a brilliant night. Great crack, very instructive and inspiring. The best bit was watching how people got so into it they were following the vision in their heads, and bargaining very seriously about swapping a piece of netting for a metal hook.

A real triumph, and one that clearly took a lot of planning, organising, scouring shops, locating wire, net, screws, rudely shaped vegetables, God knows what else!

Thanks for a great evening!"


'Eating Disorder' was later shown at Pulse Café Bar in Todmorden West Yorkshire, where it continued to generate much comment and controversy, not least because Pulse served only vegetarian food . . ! See the report, some pictures of the show and the opening evening's extraordinary selection of canapés made by Hilly here.

A limited edition series of fine art photographs is available: 70 x 50 cm and 40 x 30 cm, framed or unframed.

Limited Edition Artist's Book of the whole series.

Postcards - single or set of 6.

Eating Disorder prints, artist's books and cards are available from the artist.

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