Hilly is a multi-media artist living and working in Calderdale. She makes work using whatever takes her fancy – lens, print, paint, ink, charcoal and even food . . . depending on circumstance, brief or mood!

Originally from London, she married a Yorkshireman in 1994, moved up North, and found herself in a whole new world - new friends - new landscape - new influences - new ideas and then, of course, children!

Her creative energies were now channelled into homemaking - designing and restoring a huge derelict barn as well as working and bringing up a family! What a joy - what a leveller - what an influence!

Over the years Oats Royd Barn has become a creative melting pot for friends and family - the perfect place for artistic pursuits of all descriptions whether it be art workshops, musical evenings or gastronomic extravaganzas! Now both children have left home Hilly has a little more time to concentrate on her own work again and has gone back to college to finish that long awaited degree in contemporary art and design. She also is passionate about and works tirelessly for peace and justice in Palestine which is reflected in some of her most recent work.

Hilly carries her camera with her at all times taking at least one photo every day for her daily journal and so has built up a vast collection of images of the things that surround her. See her Blip photo journal here

A graphic artist by trade, simple line, shape, balance and colour are a key part of her fine art image-making.

But most importantly..... she is a compulsive collector of earrings!