LAID BARE was a fascinating project which encompassed elements of textile design, and nude photography . . .

"It was a natural progression from my work about mental health, eating disorders and body image.

As a result of the fairly high exposure that 'Eating Disorder' received I had many people approach me wanting to talk about their own experiences and difficulties. I even became involved in a charitable group supporting people with eating disorders.

But the most exciting offshoot was when my oldest and best friend and I joined forces and collaborated on this new work which we called 'Laid Bare' We talked and talked and laughed and cried. We laid ourselves open to each others strengths and weaknesses - and so began the healing process.

During our collaboration on this project there were times when I didn't feel so well with what I thought was a bad back and broken rib...little did I know what was to come!

Our friendship, clearly built on granite foundations, was about to become even stronger as I was diagnosed with stage 4, high grade lymphoma. As with all the best friendships, the tables turned and suddenly I was being looked after by the best nurse in the world... and I'm still here to tell the tale! Thanks are not enough Mary Moppins!

Click to see the tile from which the repeat image on the fabric was made


Several of the individual LAID BARE images make very interesting 'human landscapes' in their own right - please contact me if you are interested in purchasing art prints

Click to see the Exhibition '40 CD Case' piece.

Currently for sale - please contact me for details