On The Mend


This started off as a bit of fun which I produced in a day for the end of Year show at Todmorden Art College.


Having talked to many people about various eating disorders and even joining a charity to help sufferers since 'coming out' with my work called 'Eating Disorder', followed by the very sensitive 'Laid Bare' I realised that I needed to take a slightly tongue in cheek look at the process of getting well!


Before Tom went to school that morning I asked him to help me take all my lovely fresh water melons outside to drop them on the cobbles! We had such fun breaking them... and then I spent the day lovingly putting them back together again!


They caused much amusement at the opening that evening with all and sundry signing the melon with the plaster cast!


The exhibition went on for one week and it was very interesting to watch the melons decay and leak all over the board.There were a couple of compaints about the smell and the fruit-flys but some others thought that was the best bit! - It ended up as a real comment on life... and death!